Irish Postcards - YOLO Print - make your message personal.

YOLO Print is an idea that came to Galway Graphic designer Mike Fitzpatrick in 2022. Irish Designed and Printed Postcards and Prints offering tourists a true Irish experience. Since inception Yolo Print has been accepted as a member of 'Guaranteed Irish' which promote authentic Irish businesses and products.

What sets our postcards apart is the love and craftsmanship that goes into each and every one. We believe in authenticity and quality, and this commitment is reflected in our unique, locally printed postcards and prints. While digital messages can be sent in seconds, our postcards require time, thought, and care. Whether you’re sending greetings from the Aran Islands or penning a heartfelt note in a cozy Irish pub, each postcard becomes a tangible memory and a meaningful connection with Ireland.

We invite queries from business owners who sell quality Irish products to our visitors to consider stocking our range which will be custom designed for their location. It’s an exciting time in this fledgeling business to work with likeminded business owners who see the value in offering their customers a unique Irish Choice.